How We’re Going to Build a House with Little Money and Lots of Hope

A little can go a long way they say. According to some things, it can only get you so far. Well, that’s about what we have when it comes to house funds.

We all know it takes a lot of money for new construction. Especially in the area you wish for. The perfect scenario you have envisioned for years. That lifestyle. That location. That house.

But, money.

The money that just isn’t there. The middle class, one income, large family extra money that doesn’t exist.

Most people accept it for what it is.

Not us.

Even with big dreams and a small pocket book we have managed to prioritize, plan, and accomplish many things in life. And this isn’t any different.

Hope is on our side and we have figured out ways to put us on the right path. Each small step has amounted to where we are now. We see our dream home on the horizon and we are confident about the factors that will get us there.


“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

You get where I’m going.

Words like these play out in my head often. Coaching myself to figure it out. What will it take? Don’t give up.

Many years ago we found the area we wanted to be in. We looked and waited. Then a lead. A turn down. A change of heart. Meeting after meeting. Bouts of hope then doses of reality. Over and over. For two years. 

Perseverance never wavered. We own that land.

This can be the most important aspect. Anyone can want. It takes determination to do.

Pay Off Debt

This one has to be done first. There are two elements to get this rolling. Large amounts of money and sacrifice. Other than in times of uncertainty, anything gained has to be put towards debt. Tax returns or bonuses. Give it to debt.

Sacrificing. Forget the shopping sprees and big purchases. Those will have to wait. Also, cut some extras such as memberships, eating out, entertainment or anything else that can add to the cause.

But sometimes it takes more. You might have to sell something. Perhaps, that one thing can eliminate multiple monthly notes.  And, perhaps you can pay off thousands of dollars in debt in a few months!

Whatever it takes. If it is worth it, then you will do it.

Save money

If you have not been able to do this yet, then the previous step should allow you soon. Even if it is little by little. Pick up a second job or a side hustle to help. Just make sure you are gaining as much as you are giving.

We have developed various steps to this process. Our first phase is saving for the land. It needs work. Once our property is ready, our next two phases will be to simultaneously save for a down payment and start purchasing items needed for the build. That’s the details such as the doors, lighting, even the mailbox, and anything else you don’t have to factor into the mortgage.


Because of our growth and the many needs of us all, we have had to take the process one baby step at a time. Literally. We have prioritized, juggled and sacrificed to make ends meet, all while making this future possible. Every way that we can. Each moment at a time.

This is the unwanted truth. For this situation, the little money means a lot of time. Our home building journey is years in the making and it will continue until these steps are complete. We trust God’s plan for us each day and believe it will happen when and how it is meant to be. We have been patient and are certain it will be worth the wait.

These four things will get us through. Eventually. With some discipline and hard work. We will build this home on the green acres of our dreams. Our unbreakable spirit will soar towards the finish line.

There is a way. You just have to figure it out. Take a look, research. Get inspired. Make a plan. And go for it!

Published by Tova Stelly

Mom, homemaker, and design enthusiast building a life on four acres.

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