6 Reasons the Outdoors Saved Us During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A few weeks after school closed and learning was transitioned to home, we were on the Louisiana lesson for my daughter’s preschool.  It happened to be crawfish season and my Dad had been harvesting them. We decided to take the kids on a farm-to-table field trip.

From four-wheeler to pirogue we set out on our adventure. A few snakes, a lot of gators, muddy pants, wet boots, and a sack of crawfish later we made our way from the field, picking flowers and wild berries along the way.

Lonesome for company, my Dad and Uncle Fred watched from afar, enjoying the moments just as much as we did.

I hold this memory close to my heart for many reasons.

This was just one of those special occasions.

Those Pinterest ideas ran out quick. Virtual learning was frustrating. Most of the time we had to get out. Get away. Physically and mentally.

When we felt like the walls were caving in, the sunshine (and even the rain) was a breath of fresh air. We spent a lot of time doing outside activities and projects. Every day we worked and played at our property. We took many field trips and a vacation.

There are many ways we kept our head above water during this unusual period. We tried to make the best out of the situation, cherish the quality time and give ourselves and each other a lot of grace!

1) Field Trips

Crawfishing was our first and my favorite. I loved showing the kids the process and the hard work behind our Lenten Friday night meal.

We took a trip to Big Lake. Our crabbing excursion turned into paying someone else to catch them and a broken wrist. Even though, we still considered it successful.

My husband brought the kids along to check on farm fields for work. He showed and explained the plant life cycle they had learned about in school.

2) Gardening

We spent so many hours digging in the dirt, whether to plant flowers, grow vegetables or make mud pies. Our flowers flourished and we all enjoyed watering and pulling weeds. The kids loved helping with vegetables. They planted and watched every day, anticipating the fruits of their labor and love.

3) Exercise

We ran and rode bikes morning, day and night. We challenged each other with different workout exercises. Once the summer heat set in, we took up swimming in an inflatable pool. Baseball started back up and my oldest son found his drive again.

4) Chalk Art

Art class was often outside. Driveway doodling is one of my favorite activities with the kids. Side-note: the best chalk is Crayola! We just had extra time to do it and it was a simple way to get some sunshine! My kiddos love watching and learning right beside me.

5) Land

In the last few months we have done dirt work, leveled the ground, trimmed trees, cut grass, built a fence, practiced baseball, popped firecrackers, and pitched a tent.

Thank God for our four acres! It has kept us happily busy. Between work and play we have spent the most of this time at our Meadow Haven. It is truly our sanctuary and our saving grace.

6) Beach

Most recently we spent a weekend at the beach. After a quarantine and some heavy few weeks, the kiddos let loose in the sand and the water. The quick trip was worth the drive…and the ridiculous amount of money spent at the Disney store.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, like most, we truly came to realize the privileges we had, but also what really mattered in life. Being torn between frustration and fear, we navigated through this as positive as possible. We clung to what the world could give us rather than what was taken away.

It took away our sense of security and normalcy. Ultimately, it even took the life of our dear Uncle Fred.

As trying as these times have been, and will continue to be, we will trek on. We have to focus on the positive. We will climb the mountains God has given us and we will make it to the other side. And, we will take all the happiness the great outdoors has to give us along the way.

Published by Tova Stelly

Mom, homemaker, and design enthusiast building a life on four acres.

6 thoughts on “6 Reasons the Outdoors Saved Us During the Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. Fantastic words. Your words are some of how my feeling strolled around. You have to make the best out of what God gives us, instead of throwing it for what you want. It’s not always best. Back in the day we as children, my time, found things like y’all did through this time. Those are the memories no one can take away. ♥️♥️

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  2. Everything I’m reading is so, well so YOU! You always had an heart for the spiritual, a hand for the artistic, and an eye for the moment. I very much enjoy reading your reflections. They are good for my soul, too.

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  3. I so enjoyed reading this and looking at your photos! This pandemic has truly made us all slow down and realize how short life can be. Being in nature reminds us of God’s love for us.

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