My Secrets to Awesome Chalk Art

Toilet paper was not the only thing in high demand during the pandemic. As most people were confined to their homes, outdoor activities were a must for sanity. I particularly noticed bikes, bike parts, swimming pools and water toys were scarce. I panicked a little when I realized sidewalk chalk was becoming hard to find!

Anyone who follows me knows I love chalk art! It’s my favorite activity to do with the kids and I have become pretty good at it over the years. I’m sharing my tips, so read along to see a photo collection of my favorites and how I make it my best!

Draw on smooth concrete

Pick a spot that’s smooth and doesn’t have many rocks. Another tip: If your lines are not coming out as clean as you would like, wet the tip of the chalk.

Outline your drawing

Finishing your art with an outline makes all the difference. It cleans up the edges and makes the colors pop. I like to use black but will use white if I run out.

Use a specific type of chalk

The brand for chalk matters! Crayola is best! The colors are vibrant and come out thick. There is only one black in the box so I usually buy multiple.

Chalk art can be used to entertain kids, spread inspirational messages, enjoy the outdoors, and just to have fun.

I encourage you to stock up and embrace the days ahead until your creative heart is content.

Published by Tova Stelly

Mom, homemaker, and design enthusiast building a life on four acres.

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