Building a Dream: Phase 2

Six years ago I sat on the couch in my pink robe with my second newborn baby swaddled in my arms. I was a nesting, first time stay-at-home mom eager to nurture and serve my family with all I had. Every day I was loving on my littles, cooking and cleaning, all while basking in the warm and fuzzy comfort of my own home. There was no better feeling.

During that precious time, I would often put my creative mind to work decorating and rearranging within the four walls around me. I found so much joy challenging myself to create a purposeful and pretty space.

Fast forward all these years and my love for this has grown into a new home, painting on the blank canvas of my dreams.

Here I am at the second part of our build, following along with my design gut, checking off all the to-dos, and still loving the process.

At three months we got our shingle and metal roof put on. Then, the new year brought our (long anticipated) windows. At Day 150 we had brick added to the front elevation of the exterior and my husband saved money by installing the insulation in the walls. (Woohoo!) Sheetrock and trim followed, and the exterior got its completed white façade. The first coat of interior paint finished up month six and we are on our way to the last and final phase!

Along with this amazing process, my work has been at home, focusing on the foundation of love and security for my family. Throughout this time I have asked myself, “How can I do this every day?” I want to share the love of home. I want to help other families create or find a space that looks good and feels good to be in.

Well, I have decided where I can start. I am so excited to say that I am becoming a real estate agent! I am not sure where it will take me but I do know it is in the right direction. Down the road I may design another house. Maybe restoring old homes is in my future. God has led me down a beautiful path and I trust where his plan is taking me.

Take a look at our last three months in about four minutes. This video holds so many awesome memories and transformations!

And, I hope you stay for Phase 3. The best is yet to come!

‘Til You Can’t by Cody Johnson

Published by Tova Stelly

Mom, homemaker, and design enthusiast building a life on four acres.

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