Building a Dream: Phase 2

Six years ago I sat on the couch in my pink robe with my second newborn baby swaddled in my arms. I was a nesting, first time stay-at-home mom eager to nurture and serve my family with all I had. Every day I was loving on my littles, cooking and cleaning, all while basking inContinue reading “Building a Dream: Phase 2”

Building a Dream: Phase 1

Tucked away in one of the many totes flooding our storage unit is an old white binder. Barely hanging on the front cover is a clear pocket with a hand-smeared sketch. Inside, separated by dividers, are pages of bent corner cuts-outs and amateur computer mock-ups. I’ve had my house plans drawn since I was 19.Continue reading “Building a Dream: Phase 1”

My Secrets to Awesome Chalk Art

Toilet paper was not the only thing in high demand during the pandemic. As most people were confined to their homes, outdoor activities were a must for sanity. I particularly noticed bikes, bike parts, swimming pools and water toys were scarce. I panicked a little when I realized sidewalk chalk was becoming hard to find!Continue reading “My Secrets to Awesome Chalk Art”

The Mistakes I Make as an Over-Thinker

I am a planner by nature. So there is no wonder why I have my “where do you see yourself in 10 years” mapped out like the United States. As a former event planner, project manager and strategy enthusiast, my brain works with thoughts of efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and opportunity. Today started out as anContinue reading “The Mistakes I Make as an Over-Thinker”

5 Steps to Building a DIY Ranch Style Fence

A while ago I was at the property staining and sealing the fence we had built. It was the hot Louisiana summer but I didn’t mind the sweat that day. The sun was shining but the oaks were creating the perfect shade and breeze. It was quiet. I was alone. I couldn’t hear anyone around.Continue reading “5 Steps to Building a DIY Ranch Style Fence”

6 Reasons the Outdoors Saved Us During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A few weeks after school closed and learning was transitioned to home, we were on the Louisiana lesson for my daughter’s preschool.  It happened to be crawfish season and my Dad had been harvesting them. We decided to take the kids on a farm-to-table field trip. From four-wheeler to pirogue we set out on ourContinue reading “6 Reasons the Outdoors Saved Us During the Covid-19 Pandemic”

How We’re Going to Build a House with Little Money and Lots of Hope

A little can go a long way they say. According to some things, it can only get you so far. Well, that’s about what we have when it comes to house funds. We all know it takes a lot of money for new construction. Especially in the area you wish for. The perfect scenario youContinue reading “How We’re Going to Build a House with Little Money and Lots of Hope”

What is Meadow Haven and Why You Should Follow This Blog

Years ago we fell in love with this Cajun countryside and decided to dig our family roots with its oaks. Just as we have been caring for the land, it has been nurturing us with special life lessons. Appreciation for God’s magnificent work. The beauty of the sunset, wildflowers and berries. The wildlife and theContinue reading “What is Meadow Haven and Why You Should Follow This Blog”