My Secrets to Awesome Chalk Art

Toilet paper was not the only thing in high demand during the pandemic. As most people were confined to their homes, outdoor activities were a must for sanity. I particularly noticed bikes, bike parts, swimming pools and water toys were scarce. I panicked a little when I realized sidewalk chalk was becoming hard to find!Continue reading “My Secrets to Awesome Chalk Art”

The Mistakes I Make as an Over-Thinker

I am a planner by nature. So there is no wonder why I have my “where do you see yourself in 10 years” mapped out like the United States. As a former event planner, project manager and strategy enthusiast, my brain works with thoughts of efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and opportunity. Today started out as anContinue reading “The Mistakes I Make as an Over-Thinker”

6 Reasons the Outdoors Saved Us During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A few weeks after school closed and learning was transitioned to home, we were on the Louisiana lesson for my daughter’s preschool.  It happened to be crawfish season and my Dad had been harvesting them. We decided to take the kids on a farm-to-table field trip. From four-wheeler to pirogue we set out on ourContinue reading “6 Reasons the Outdoors Saved Us During the Covid-19 Pandemic”